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Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)



Foundation (Compulsory) Courses in I Semester

The Foundation Courses are compulsory for all the students in the First Year and the marks obtained in these papers are not added for counting the final division in the examination. However, a student will have to qualify these papers. Students will have to choose any one subject from General English or General Hindi.

Sr. No.Paper CodePaper TitleCredits
1.QEG / QHDGeneral English / General HindiN.A.
2.QCAComputer ApplicationN.A.
3.QESEnvironmental StudiesN.A.


Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) – I Semester

Sr. No.PaperCodePaper TitleCredits
1.B. Com. – 101Indian Economy4
2.B. Com. – 102Financial Accounting4
3.B. Com. – 103Micro Economics4
4.B. Com. – 104Principles and Practices of Management4
5.B. Com. – 105Business Organization4

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) – II Semester

Sr.No.Paper CodePaper TitleCredits
1.B. Com. – 201Environmental Management4
2.B. Com. – 202Regulatory Framework of Business4
3.B. Com. – 203Banking and Finance4
4.B. Com. – 204Business Mathematics4
5.B. Com. – 205Cost Accounting4

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) – III Semester

Sr.No.Paper CodePaper TitleCredits
1.B. Com. – 301Business Communication4
2.B. Com. – 302Corporate Accounting4
3.B. Com. – 303Business Statistics4
4.B. Com. – 304Company Law4
5.B. Com. – 305Macro Economics4

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) – IV Semester

Sr.No.Paper CodePaper TitleCredits
1.B. Com. – 401Event Management4
2.B. Com. – 402Human Resource Management4
3.B. Com. – 403Financial Management4
4.B. Com. – 404Tax Management4
5.B. Com. – 405Marketing Management4

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) – V Semester

Sr.No.Paper CodePaper TitleCredits
1.B. Com. – 501Advertising Management4
2.B. Com. – 502Indian Constitution4
3.B. Com. – 503Management Accounting4
4.B. Com. – 504Auditing – Principles and Practice4
5.B. Com. – 505Entrepreneurship & Skill Development4

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) – VI Semester

Sr.No.Paper CodePaper TitleCredits
1.B. Com. – 601E-Commerce4
2.B. Com. – 602Insurance Management4
3.B. Com. – 603Research Methods4
4.B. Com. – 604Project Management4
5.B. Com. – 605Industrial Relation4