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Bachelor of Arts


A student will study foundation courses in first semester of the study. In addition he will select three Elective subjects from the list of the elective subjects. At present the University offers only four electives however in subsequent semester more electives will be added to this list. The Foundation Courses are compulsory for all the students in the first semester and the marks obtained in these papers are not added for counting the Division. However, a student will have to qualify these papers. Students may choose any one subject from General English or General Hindi.

Sr. No.Paper CodePaper TitleCredits
1.QEG / QHDGeneral English / General HindiN.A.
2.QCAComputer ApplicationN.A.
3.QESEnvironmental StudiesN.A.


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) – I Semester

A student has to select Any Three group of the following elective subjects in the First Semester and that will remain unchanged in Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Semester of the study. In each elective subject there will be two papers.

Sr.No.Paper CodePaper TitleCredits
1.HI-101Ancient History of India3
2.HI-102History Of Rajasthan3
3.PS-101Introduction to Political Science3
4.PS-102Modern Political Theory3
5.SO-101Introduction to Sociology3
6.SO-102Indian Society3
7.EC-101Micro Economics – Basic3
8.EC-102Micro Economics – Advanced3

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) – II Semester

Sr.No.Paper CodePaper TitleCredits
1.HI-201Medieval India3
2.HI-202Main Trends of Cultural History of India3
3.PS-201Indian Political Thought3
4.PS-202Indian Polity3
5.SO-201Society Culture and Social Globlazitaion3
6.SO-202Indian Society: Issues and Problems3
7.EC-201Indian Economy3
8.EC-202Economics Of Rajasthan3

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) – III Semester

Sr.No.Paper CodePaper TitleCredits
1.HI-301History Of Medieval India (1206 – 1526 AD)3
2.HI-302Indian Society and culture (Up to 1200 AD)3
3.PS-301Indian Political Thought – ll3
4.PS-302Indian Constitution3
5.SO-301Environment and Society3
6.SO-302Methods in Social Research3
7.EC-301Micro Economics – 13
8.EC-302Micro Economics – ll3

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) – IV Semester

Sr.No.Paper CodePaper TitleCredits
1.HI-401History of India (1857-1947)3
2.HI-402History Of India after 19473
3.PS-401Representative Western Political Thinkers – I3
4.PS-402State Politics : Rajasthan3
5.SO-401Rural Sociology3
6.SO-402Social Change in India3
7.EC-401Public Finance3
8.EC-402Statistics For Economic Analysis3

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) – V Semester

Sr.No.Paper CodePaper TitleCredits
1.HI-501World History  (1453-1815)3
2.HI-502World History (1815-1945)3
3.PS-501Representative Western Political Thinkers – II3
4.PS-502International Relations3
5.SO-501Population Studies3
6.SO-502Classical Sociological Thought3
7.EC-501Development Economics – I3
8.EC-502Development Economics – II3

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) – VI Semester

Sr.No.Paper CodePaper TitleCredits
1.HI-601History Of Middle East Asia3
2.HI-602Indian Society and Culture upto 1707 AD3
3.PS-601Challanges to Democracy3
4.PS-602Modern Political Theory – Part II3
5.SO-601Indian Sociological Thinkers3
6.SO-602Introduction Sub Sociologies3
7.EC-601Money and Banking3
8.EC-602International Economics3


Internal Assignment

The internal assignment shall carry a weightage of 30 percent of marks. Two assignments will be given in each course and the marks obtained in the assignment are added with the marks obtained in the term-end-examinations. The internal assignment shall be submitted to the university.


There shall be a term-end-examination at the end of each semester of every year. It carries a weightage of 70% marks. Term-End-Examination will be held in the months of June and December every year. The students are at liberty to appear in any of the examinations conducted by the university during the Semester subject to the completion of the minimum time frame prescribed for the programme pursued. No separate Examination forms are to be filled with Admission Form. For appearing in the examination of due papers a student will have to submit Back Paper Examination Form along with the requisite examination fee before the due date. If a student does not appear in any paper, he/she may appear in them in the subsequent Term-End-Examinations subject to a maximum credit ceiling prescribed by the University for an Examination. This facility will be available to a student to secure the minimum pass grade during the maximum duration prescribed for the programme. Marks obtained in the Foundation Course will not be added for the calculation of the division of the student but it will be compulsory to pass the foundation course papers. The pass marks in Internal Assignments and Term-End-Examination is only 30% for any one of the components. However, to clear a course as well as a programme as a whole a student is required to secure 35% marks. Division shall be awarded to the successful candidates only after passing all the courses of study and internal assignments in the sixth and final semester as follows:

I Division60% and above
II Division48% and less than 60%
Pass35% and less than 48%